Environmental policy

Activities in laboratories and other facilities have environmental aspects. Besides meeting the requirements of Dutch law, BPRC policy aims to, continually improve it’s impact on the environment. Improvement focusses mainly on the following:

  • Safety and protection of the environment from pathogens and GMO’s.
  • Use of energy.
  • Use of (chemical) substances.
  • Management of waste.

The BPRC has the following points of view:

  • To prevent pollution.
  • To minimise the consequences to the environment deriving from our activities.
  • To make sure that there is a safe working environment.
  • To comply with the environmental laws and our own guidelines.
  • To continually work on the improvement of our environmental performance.
  • To consider environmental aspects, besides economical, financial, technical and social aspects on all decisions that have to be made.

The BPRC considers the following points to be an integral part of business management:

  • Creating and maintaining awareness and giving instructions to the staff.
  • Appointing co-workers with specific environmental tasks.
  • Informing staff and neighbouring companies about environmental quality.
  • Properly use and maintain equipment and tools.
  • Detect, register and properly deal with complaints.
  • Have yearly internal audits.

The BPRC mission and policy is made clear:

  • In staff meetings;
  • On BPRC’s intranet;
  • Publication on the BPRC website.