The Ethical Committee

The CCD asks advice from an acknowledged ethical committee. The ethical committee reviews the scientific value of the research and the value of the research for use in humans and the ethical justification for the use of animals.

The ethical committee must ensure that the members have expertise on the scientific background of the respective project, on the design of animal experiments, on alternatives for animal experimentation, on animal welfare and ethics. The ethical committee of the BPRC is formed by 8 members, i.e. 2 experts from the BPRC and 6 independent experts (including the Chairperson) that have no work relation with the BPRC. The person responsible for the supervision on animal welfare and care for the animals in the research institution, as indicated in article 13f, 3a of the law is involved in the review process.

The ethical committee weighs the interests of humans against the interest of the animals. When the value of the research does not outweigh the discomfort inflicted on the animals, no permission will be given to perform the research, not even when the scientific quality is very high. The ethical committee-BPRC has been acknowledged by the CCD.

The ethical committee-BPRC has been acknowledged by the CCD.