Working at BPRC

The BPRC employs staff with a wide range of skills, ranging from animal care technicians and animal health experts to scientific researchers and those with financial and administrative skills. At present around 100 staff are employed at BPRC. An organogram of BPRC shows the various departments. The scientific activities of BPRC are described throughout this web site, and the scientific publications of BPRC are also listed.

We offer the possibility for students specialising in appropriate areas of science to apply for an internship. For more information contact BPRC:

If you do not find the job you are looking for within the job opportunity list, but find the idea of working to make a difference to human health an attractive possibility please send your open application to We will acknowledge receipt of your application, and then maintain your application on file for a period of six months. We will contact you should any relevant positions become available in this period. After six months applications will be destroyed.

BPRC working conditions

The BPRC fulltime working week is 40 hours. Attractive salary and benefits packages are provided, along with a stimulating work environment in which you are encouraged to realise your career aims. BPRC is fully committed to help improve your professional career development. We offer the possibility to attend internal and external courses to help develop your potential to the full.