Primate Bacterial and Parasitic Diagnostics

The Primate Bacterial and Parasitic Diagnostics laboratory of the BPRC performs bacterial and parasitic diagnostics for the health screening of the BPRC colony. Upon request, analysis for third parties can be performed. Our services include bacterial culturing, PCR analysis and microscopy.


Salmonella spp.*
Shigella spp*
Yersinia spp.*
Campylobacter spp.*
Escherichia coli O157*
Other pathogenic bacteria (upon request)
*: Standard analysis in faeces for health checks; Upon request, culturing is also possible on all other biological material delivered.


Entamoeba histolytica
Giardia lamblia
Trichuris trichiura
Helicobacter pylori
Mycobacterium avium


Helminth eggs

For details regarding the various tests, costs and further information you can contact:

Shipment of material

There are strict rules for shipment of primate material to the BPRC. Please contact for further information regarding specifics on packaging and if permits are required.